Matt McGinn Night 2014

Linlithgow Honours Scotland's"King of Folk"
Keeps Matt McGinn Singing!
Fundraising for the Linlithgow Folk Festival in September will continue on Saturday March 8th 2014 when fans will pay tribute to the memory of the late great Matt McGinn at an evening of songs and music in the Linlithgow Academy Theatre.

The Glasgow singer, songwriter, poet and raconteur was Scotland’s undisputed “King of Folk” in the 1960s and 70s. and he became a household name in Folk circles throughout the world. Matt went on to be regarded as one of Britain’s most powerful folk writers and became one of Scotland’s leading folksingers of his time. He died in 1977 at the age of only 49, but left some 500 songs, many of which have become classics.
The Linlithgow Folk Festival Association has played an important role in bringing Matt McGinn's work to life again in an innovative and entertaining way. Previous tribute nights in the town have played to packed houses.  The 2013 event was bigger and better than ever, with singers and musicians from throughout central Scotland interpreting their favourite Matt McGinn songs, stories and poems.

The Matt McGinn Night is a major fundraiser for the Linlithgow Folk Festival and all entertainers give their services free as a gesture of support. Proceeds from the show are used at the Festival to organise an outdoor music initiative at Linlithgow Cross - THE NORA DEVINE STAGE - which gives budding artistes the opportunity to perform at the very heart of the Festival.  For many years, the late Nora Devine ran the famous Linlithgow Folk Club and brought Matt McGinn to the town on several occasions.

Tickets are now SOLD out.