Festival 2021 - 9th to 12th of September 2021 - Friendly Folk in Linlithgow!

  • Ceilidh at the Vennel

    Family friendly ceilidh at the Vennel

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  • Tribute to the late great Matt McGinn

    The Sugary Cake and Candy Man with the ladies.

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  • Bluegrass Events

    On route to the famous Bluegrass Gospel Session

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  • Linlithgow Twinning

    Friends from Guyancourt are part of the Festival family

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  • Sessions

    We hold sessions at the historic Black Bitch Tavern

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  • Musical Cruise

    Festival go-ers gently sailing along the Canal - with Cockleroy providing the entertainment!

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COCKLEROY - "Within these Palace Walls"

If you have followed the activities of the LFFA you will know that the duo COCKLEROY consists of Bob Proudfoot and Neil Macdonald and you will probably have heard them at monthly folk sessions, the Festival outdoor ceilidhs, the Nora Devine Stage at the Cross, the Canal Musical Cruises, LFFA Hogmannay Party, etc - Linlithgow can't get enough ... sorry, can't get rid of this pair.

They came together initially within the Black Bitch Band which LFFA formed to fulfill an invitation to play at a Scottish music festival in Moscow (no, not the one in Ayrshire!) and this 5-piece produced and recorded at the time a CD of songs and tunes all relating to the town. This has sold very well over the past 8 years and few copies remain.

Bearing this in mind, Neil and Bob decided to gather together some of the many songs which they have written on local matters and record these in another CD dedicated to the town of Linlithgow in which both have settled. Eight such tracks have been set alongside four personal favourites which they hope will have more widespread appeal, beyond the world of the Black Bitches.

Track list:
1. Within These Palace Walls - guess which Palace this is about?
2. March of the Cameron Men / Hielan' Laddie - two perennial stirring Marches Day favourites.
3. Mary's Song - a more sombre look at the women who reap the results of our mission in Afghanistan.
4. Black Bitch Blues - a celebration of LFFA and their legendary sessions, local history and the very bitch herself!
5. Linlithgow Loch - we don't have Nessie in our Loch, but we do have Bob's haunting tune inspired by the water which flanks the Palace.
6. La Mairches Bamba - a tongue in cheek look at Sambalistic Band's toe-tapping involvement in Marches Day.
7. Another Sentimental Journey - dedicated to their German friend Martha whose life story is celebrated here in a new song set to an old tune.
8. The Vulcans Skiffle Group - Bob's recollections of his first musical outings in a three-man (or boy) skiffle group.
9. Neil and the Surge of the Sea - to a haunting gaelic air, Neil traces the great-uncle he was named after but never met.
10. Katie Wearie's Tree - written to mark the unveiling of the statue of this legendary lady in June 2011
11. Today Lithca Mairches Were Banned - surely not?  The Mairches?  Banned?
12. The Roke and the Wee Pickle Tow - undoubtedly the Town's signature tune!

The CD "WITHIN THESE PALACE WALLS" is out now and available at a cost of £7 at from GEO WILSON, NEWSAGENTS shop at 3 The Vennel, Linlithgow.

Alternatively, by post and cheque for £8 (inclusive of P and P) made out to "Neil Macdonald" and sent to Cockleroy, 10 Avon Place, Strawberry Bank, Linlithgow EH49 6BL, West Lothian, Scotland.

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